About Us


Our mission at My Family Votes is to create a culture of civic engagement in our historically under-served communities by educating families rather than voters. In creating that understanding with voters that casting their ballot is of great importance for more than just themselves, we are adding weight to the act of voting every Election Day.

California has a large pool of untapped potential when it comes to unregistered voters as well as voters who are registered but never or rarely engage in the Electoral Process. One of the main barriers that decrease voter participation on Election Day is the lack of information that is being provided to families who have yet to master the English language. There is also the added reality that many heads of household in our targeted communities are forced to work more than one full time jobs which makes outreach elusive, tedious and less than fruitful.

Our years of work show that continued outreach through students and families yield tremendous gains in voter engagement in our target communities, as they are an extension of their own community.

Our Goals

In order to accomplish our mission, we have organized the following actions in our communities:

Voter Registration

The first step to being active in the voting community is to register to vote.  And yet, huge numbers of Californians, including disproportionate numbers of youth and low income residents that are eligible to register to vote are not registered.

The California Voter Project works to register voters, online and in person.  We canvass low-income neighborhoods, communities of color and visit schools and churches to complete our mission that everyone who is eligible to register to vote is registered to vote.

Voter Awareness

The California Voter Project works to educate the community on the issues and races coming before them on the ballot by providing guidance and educational materials in the language of the voters. Our volunteers canvass door-to-door and by phone to raise awareness in low propensity voters.

Voter Engagement

After educating voters, the final step in our voter project is to engage the voter to act on the information they have received. California Voter Project volunteers provide critical election information to new and low propensity voters – where, when and how they can vote. We run vigorous get-out-the-vote programs to make sure our voters make it to the polls in time to have their voice heard.